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SPK Loses First Game Since July

October 1st, 2014

The Sour Patch Kids lost their first game since July, falling 69-63 to W.O.B.S. The Kids lost all eight regular-season games in the Summer league--some in excruciatingly close fashion--and then came back and won three straight playoff games to win their Division championship. They then started off the fall session with two straight wins before running into a hot W.O.B.S. team. Aaron Renteria and Cristian Noriega combined for 34 points for W.O.B.S.

Last season's "A" League champs, the Heroes, dropped their second straight game, getting blasted 90-64 by The Hawgs. Donte Williams had 28 points and nine rebounds for The Hawgs. Purple Nurples made a stirring comeback to edge Ben's Frens, 38-33.  Benchwarmers held off a late surge by Blue Coconuts to pull out a 61-57 win. Mark Hopkins, Randy Zimmerman, and Jose Rios combined for 50 points to lead Benchwarmers.

Alberto Almeida had 24 points and eight rebounds to lead Trees over Ninety-Six. Jay Hunter had 33 points and eight rebounds to lead still got it past Tune Squad68-53. Heather Paddock had 11 points and Darlene Danehy had eight rebounds for still got it.

I will be posting the schedule for the entire season tonight. We have a minor situation on which I am still working. The school is having an anniversary dinner on October 26 and that puts a crimp in our efforts to get all of the games in. I'm going to have to be somewhat creative to get the final few games in. One of the problems that we've had is with early-season forfeits. They have eaten up game slots that we needed. Forfeits happen, but with the tightness of our schedule, there have to be consequences for forfeits, including the loss of another game spot on the schedule. That game spot will go to the team to whom you forfeited. It sucks, but it has to be done. As always, there are teams that have to play at night and others that can only play in the daytime. I did my very best to accommodate everybody, but there's no way it can be done perfectly. Thanks for understanding.