Leader Board

Average Points

  • 29.3
  • L. J. Turner

  • 28.0
  • Guillermo Bay

  • 27.1
  • Donte Williams

  • 24.1
  • Chris Klassen

  • 22.4
  • Gabe Fronzaglio

Average Rebounds

  • 13.0
  • Zach Clark

  • 11.9
  • Zach Jones

  • 11.6
  • Donte Williams

  • 9.7
  • Scott Coleman

  • 9.5
  • Randy Zimmerman

Average 3-Pointers

  • 6.1
  • Mark Fresby

  • 5.8
  • Gabe Fronzaglio

  • 5.5
  • Guillermo Bay

  • 4.4
  • Zach Ryberg

  • 4.3
  • Chris Klassen

FT Percentage

  • 100.0
  • Sean Arrington

  • 96.0
  • Chris Klassen

  • 92.3
  • Gerardo Cordova

  • 90.0
  • Marquez Price

  • 85.7
  • Tod Smith

Team FT %

  • 82.4
  • Bens Frens

  • 76.6
  • Hey Arnold

  • 76.5
  • Zona

  • 75.5
  • W.O.B.S.

  • 73.6
  • Monstars

Team Scoring

  • 77.8
  • Flying Squirrels

  • 77.0
  • W.O.B.S.

  • 72.4
  • Technicians

  • 71.5
  • Hey Arnold

  • 66.1
  • Blue Coconuts


April 14th, 2015

Before we get started, I have disturbing news. Somebody stole a pair of shoes out of a locker in the boys' bathroom/locker room. This is the second such incident in less than a year. They actually took the time to open every single locker. Here's a note to all of the teams: STOP BRINGING YOUR KNUCKLEHEAD FRIENDS TO THE GYM! I have a pretty good idea when it happened (in the evening) and I also have a good idea as to which team these knuckleheads are affiliated. However, I cannot and will not make an accusation without solid proof. What I will do is this: If those same knuckleheads show up again, I won't insist that they stay seated in the stands at all times. Nor will I have someone monitor them when they leave the gym to go to the bathroom. I will simply kick that entire team out of the league FOREVER. 

Incidents like these may prompt the school's administration to conclude that the League is more trouble that it's worth (in gym rental). I will do everything I can to protect the legacy of the League and if that means getting rid of multiple teams that bring along fans of questionable character, I'll do it in a heartbeat. Indeed, the League will be better off for my having done so. 

Also, starting with next season, we're going to have a clean-up policy that most teams already adhere to and some teams aren't going to like at all. Let's just say that when it gets to be 10:15 or so at night and I've been in the gym for 14 hours, I don't appreciate having to clean the bleachers, clean behind the benches and then pick up trash in the parking lot. We're going to fix that, even if it means that a couple other teams also get kicked out of the league FOREVER.

Now, as for the first round of the playoffs, we had some amazing games. In chronological order:

Tune Squad 56 - No Flex Zone 43 - This is a rematch of last season's D-VI opener that saw Tune Squad lead the entire game before a last-second shot gave No Flex Zone the win. Tune Squad would have none of it this time, scoring a season-high (for them) 56 points and hitting several key shots down the stretch. They will face Frosty Hesson (a team they beat in the regular season) in the semis, with a shot to reach the championship game.

Sunshine Boys 52, Ben's Frens 41 - Ben's Frens made a great playoff run last season to win the title, but couldn't repeat the magic. Richard Hammond led Sunshine.

Technicians 54, Dawgs 45 - Mich Caraway and Fred Cox led the way for the Technicians.

Monstars/">Monstars 74, Zen Masters 67 - One of the best games of the day. Timely shooting by Junior Hackworth and Sean Arrington held off a late charge by Zen Masters.

Illuminati 61, Fleet 39 - Fleet was without former League MVP Jeff Clark, but even he might not have been enough to stop the powerful Illuminati attack.

Heroes 67, JAK 34 - Mark Fresby and Marcus Campbell lead Heroes into a semi-final showdown with the Hawgs.

Deadly Venoms 46, Outlawz 45 - One of the day's big shockers. Outlawz jumped out to an 18-0 lead and led by 21 at the half. Venoms came all the way back. Jamill Fennell hit one of two free throws with no time left to send the game into overtime, then hit one of two in OT for the win.

Zona 56, Flying Squirrels 49 - Sergio Carranza and Jaime Hernandez led a balanced attack.

FndF 37, Game Time 28 - A couple hours after the Outlawz debacle, several members of that squad came back as Game Time and suffered another tough loss, scoring seven points in the entire second half.

Eastside All-Stars 72, Ninety-Six 68 - Explosive Nate "Tommy" Williams led the way for Eastside.

Scrap Attack 65, W.O.B.S. 55 - A great game throughout, but Hacksaw Harris and Paul Conrad did some work on the boards to lead a late Scrap Attack run.

Just a Game 35, Purple Nurples 34 - Easily the wildest finish of the night. The Nurples led throughout, but Just a Game wouldn't go away. Nurples still led by four with less than a minute remaining, but two big shots gave Just the lead and Purple Nurples missed on a couple late opportunities to pull it out.

We Dem Boyz 75, Trees 51 - The Trees' very-uneven season came to an end as the league's leading scorer, We Dem Boyz's L.J. Turner, again went off from long range.

Showtime 60, Benchwarmers 49 - Something of an upset as Benchwarmers had been playing well late in the regular season. 

The semi-finals are this week, with the championship games on the 26th. The next season begins on May 3rd.