Broke Guys Mar Great Opening Day

May 4th, 2022

We once had a team show up for the first day of the season with eight or 10 guys, all with jerseys, ready to go. When they were asked how they were going to pay for the league, they expressed shock. They didn't know that they would have to pay. They thought that it was some kind of City Park program. See if you can guess what my response was when they asked if they could just play that game and then not be in the league.

Unfortunately, their descendants or homies or like-minded individuals are still out there. At least three teams showed up with no money and spouting nonsense. We didn't know we had to pay the first day. You know we're good for it. Well, these teams will not find themselves on the schedule in the future. When they ask why they aren't playing, I'll just say that I didn't know that I was supposed to put non-paying teams on the schedule.

We also had a team text me a half-hour before game time and say that they would prefer to start on the 15th. Two others said they didn't know that they were on the schedule and why hadn't I called them? So now I'm supposed to call all 80-plus teams to tell them when their game is? Um, no.

The vast majority of teams who showed up ready to play and ready to pay put on quite a show. Get this: We had scores of 47-46, 45-44, (another) 45-44, two scores of 51-50, and 52-51. There were also two other games with three-point margins. It was way cool. 

Remember, there will be no games this week because of Mother's Day (which is sacred). We'll resume play on May 15th.