The Vets Take Down The Basketball Junkies

March 15th, 2023

Since they entered the League three seasons ago, the Basketball Junkies have been nearly unbeatable. They waltzed through the playoffs last season and had been unbeaten this year until last Sunday, when they fell to The Vets. Ray Purtle had a double-double (27 and 12) to lead The Vets to the win.

Out of the more than 100 teams that started back in January (we have lost a few along the way, for various reasons), we now have only two undefeated teams left in the entire League--The Pack in the Field of Dreams Division and Hemoglobin Trotters (great team name!) in The Fighter Division.

This is very important: The addition of evening games on Courts 4 and 5 has proven to be a spectacular success. I'll freely admit that it has been a matter of necessity being the mother of invention. I didn't know that the possibility existed when we started the season. Then Tom, who runs the venue, suggested that we try it and it has been great...with one glaring exception. We (I) have not found a way to get the scheduling information out to everyone. It was too late to add Courts 4 and 5 to the main display, but that will be addressed before next season. I have been putting the games on those two courts in the body of the blog and STRONGLY suggesting that people scroll down from the main display to see the games on those courts.

Not everybody has done so, leading to at least three forfeits. One team would check on its Team page to see if they had a game. For reasons too esoteric to get into, the games listed in the blog area do not automatically transfer to the Team pages. You would have had to check the schedule. 

For the rest of the season, all teams that are playing on Courts 4 or 5 will receive a text from me, alerting them of the game. I'm old, so I hate texting, but I hate forfeits even more, especially when they are at least partially my fault.