Regular Season Comes To An End

March 23rd, 2023

A quick shout-out to our favorite team, the Side Loaders, who won their second game of the season last Sunday with a 42-37 victory over Paper Route Hoopers. The Side Loaders had previously beaten the Panthers, my Amphi High girls' basketball team. 

It has been a wild ride since we started the current season on January 8th. Just last week, the lone undefeated team left in the league--the Hemoglobin Trotters--suffered their first loss of the year. It's great to have powerhouse teams, but it's also really cool that every team in the entire League has been beaten at least once.

Traditionally, this is the toughest season of the year in terms of byes. It's generally the most-popular time of year, what with high school, college, and the NBA all going on. Plus, the club volleyball teams eat up 12 potential hours that we could be having games. If they weren't there, almost every team in the League would be playing every week. But volleyball is there and will continue into late May. The midseason addition of night games in Courts 4 and 5 have helped cut down on the number of byes. But it has also caused confusion. During the next few weeks, we will be redesigning the home page and all games will appear in the same place on the page. They will also appear on your team's page. (This season, the games on Courts 4 and 5 did not appear on the team pages.) We'll get better.

This is actually not the last week of the regular season; that was last week. The games this week include makeup games for teams that had a forfeit and for teams (like the military guys) who had to miss a few weeks for duty. I know people who have run other leagues and they all tell me that we're crazy for giving makeup games. They are expensive, but we just think it's fair. 

The first week of the playoffs with be the following week, April 2nd. Because of the number of teams (and divisions) that we have, the first round of the playoffs will be split into two weeks. Further complicating matters is the fact that Easter Sunday (also known as Popeyes Chicken Day for those of us who gave it up for Lent) is April 9th and the venue is closed, so we can't have games that day. Therefore, the first round of the playoffs will be held April 2nd and April 16th. The semifinals will be on April 23rd, with the championship games being held on April 30th. 

We will start the next season (Summer 2023) on May 7th. The next week, May 14th, is Mother's Day, a sacred day on which we NEVER play. After that, it's smooth sailing into August.

If anybody out there is interested in entering a team, please contact me through the address on the website. Thanks.




5:00  KP Ballerz - Mustangs #2

6:00  Flashback - Bench Bros

7:00  SlimeBallz - Swoosh