Season (Sorta') Starting on Sunday

August 29th, 2019

Sooo...we thought we would have a soft start to the Fall 2019 season this Sunday. Six or seven games consisting of teams that hadn't made it to the championships in the Summer playoffs and were itching to get back out there. We'd have a few games this week and then a ton of games next week. I double-checked with all of the teams to make sure that they knew that it was a holiday weekend and that some people might be out of town. No sooner did I post the schedule that I started getting texts and emails. (Um, we can't make it this weekend. Can we start next week?) Sure, why not?

I think we have come up with a way to fix all the misspelled names on the stats. This season, we are going to have a laptop or a tablet and each player will enter his own name into the stat sheet. It is a sad fact of modern life that technology has caused a massive deterioration in penmanship. For the past few seasons, we have been asking the players to PRINT their names on the sheet. Many end up writing, illegibly. Some just put their first names, like they're Rihanna or something. And still others have their captains enter their names, while probably knowing that their captains don't really know their names (or the proper spelling thereof). 

Speaking of spelling, we have a new team called The Dowgs. They are not to be confused with The Dawgs, who are no longer in the league.

This will be the 95th season of the Tucson Basketball League. Let's make this the greatest season EVER.