Busy, BUSY Schedule Up For Sunday

September 6th, 2019

The schedule is up for Sunday (September 8th). It's packed and, believe it or not, it won't be the busiest day of the season. Next week will be. We have a lot of teams, so many, in fact, that some won't start until next week (for a couple teams, it was their choice; a couple others just joined this week).

We have a new team named Pass The Ball To Chris. That may be one of the coolest team names ever, but we have to see this Chris guy first. There's another new team called Talkin' 'Bout Practice. Now, we all marveled at the skills of Allen Iverson. But we also got incredibly frustrated. I once interviewed him and asked this question: If the Gods of Basketball could guarantee that your team would win an extra five games each season if you would take five fewer shots per game, would you take that deal? He couldn't bring himself to answer in the affirmative. He kept saying stuff like, "I'm the leader" and "I gotta' play my game" and "People don't come (to the game) to see me pass the ball." He definitely was amazing at times, but mostly he's remembered as the guy who turned $100 million in cash into $600 worth of gold chains.

Speaking of money, last season, Rob and I quietly got rid of five teams who showed up with little or no money. We pay an enormous amount of money for insurance and court-rental costs and, at best, we break even when the season is over. We DO NOT make a profit. So, we can't be getting by on "You know I'm good for it" or "I'll catch you next week." We're already very easygoing as it is. We will get rid of more teams this season, if need be. Please don't be one of them. Thanks.