Let's Hear It For Inuit Timersoqatigiiffiat-79

October 2nd, 2019

So, I came across this great article in the Sunday New York Times a couple weeks ago. While I am not now, nor have I ever been, a big soccer fan, this soccer article was way cool. It seems that for one week out of the year, all of the men's soccer teams in Greenland gather in one town to hold the national championship of Greenland. While the UEFA or Bundesliga seasons run on for months and months, Greenland only has a small weather window, and even then, it's shaky. (Some of this year's games were played in fog so thick that the fans couldn't see the game.) The team that wins the championship will have to play six full soccer games in seven day on fields that are still partially frozen. There's no flopping or faking injuries. The injuries are very real, but the Greenlanders are hardy guys; they just rub semi-frozen dirt on the owwie and get back out there and play.

Anyway, the teams have some interesting names, including Inuit Timersoqatigiiffiat-79, CIF-70 Qasigiannguit, and G-44 Qeqertarsuag. They also have Eqaluk-54 and Eqaluk-56...but no Eqaluk-55. In honor of their dedication to sport and their overall badass-iosity...ness, we're naming our six divisions for some of their teams.

The standing should be up any minute now. My son's friend, Alan, just got his Ph.D in Chemistry. Alan was born in Houston and has been a Rockets fan his whole life. So Alan and my son flew to Hawai'i today and they're going to a Rockets preseason game tomorrow in Honolulu. I'm hoping that sometime during the flight he found time to post the standings.

We have a limited schedule again this week because we still have two refs in Europe, one working on Sunday and another out of town. We'll have 12 or 13 games and then get back to having the huge number of games on October 13th. I'm going to post the schedule for this Sunday first and the I'll tell you about the great games we had this past Sunday.

--Talkin' 'Bout Practice 43, The Bullets 41 - After trailing 18-9 at the half, the Practice guys got it in gear and pulled out a close win. Sergio Carranza led Practice with 11 points, while Gilbert Cadelinia had 15 for The Bullets.

--Scrap Attack 59, Fleet 58 - Two of our long-time showcase teams put on a dazzler, with the outcome in doubt until the very last second. With the score tied, Johnny Williams hit a three to give Scrap Attack the lead. But then Guero Paredes was fouled shooting a three at the other end and he calmly drained all three free throws. Fleet eventually took a one-point lead and, with the clock ticking down, ageless Jeremy Dewitt (who has been playing in the TBL since the 1990s) drove the lane and tossed up a soft shot that bounced around and fell in for the win.

--Lost Treasures 48, Flashback 43 - For much of the game, Ashraf Alfatesh couldn't hit his butt with both hands. The Lost Treasures' long-range shooter was having a terrible night and his team wasn't doing much better, trailing Flashback for most of the game. But then, in the final minute of what was then a tie game, Alfatesh hit two super-long three-pointers to give his squad the win.

--Geeks (hereafter known as Heat Check) 98, Richardson Squad 70 - Zach Ryberg hit eight threes and 28 points for Richardson Squad, but it wasn't nearly enough as Heat Check broke in their snazzy new jerseys by putting an an offensive show. Six different players hit at least one three in the onslaught.

--Hey Arnold! 56, Lights Out 54 - Another game that went down to the buzzer. Arnold! was led by Jeff Juan, with 18 points and eight rebounds, and Norman Wolfchief, who had a double-double with 14 and 11. Lights Out was led by Jaquan Robinson with 23 points.