Rip Their Heart Out...And Then Stomp On It!

October 16th, 2019

This game was just wrong. DadBods jumped out to an early lead and looked as though they would coast to an easy double-digit win. Herman Harris had 12 points at the half as his team raced out to a 37-25 lead at the break over Frosty Hesson. The second half started out the same way with the Dads pouring it on, but then suddenly Frosty Hesson came alive. Harold Stevenson hit five long threes to cut the lead to single digits as the DadBods went ice cold. in the final three minutes, Frosty continued to chip away as the lead evaporated. Frosty finally took the lead, 62-61, on another three by Stevenson. DadBods called time out with two seconds left and got the ball at halfcourt. Rusty Mitchell came off a high screen, got the inbounds pass, and calmly banked in a 28-footer at the buzzer. After that valiant comeback, it was a crushing loss for Frosty.

In other games:

--KP Ballers 76, The Hurricanes 62 - The Ballerz are suddenly on a roll after a shaky start to the season. KP has scored 168 [points in their last two games, both victories. George Leeth (the Elder) had 21 points in the win.

--Scrap Attack 71, Lights Out 60 - Johnny Williams had 21 points to lead Scrap Attack. He was joined by Chris Erickson (17), Kevin Harris (16), and Joey Murphy (15) in the win.

--Pass The Ball To Chris 65, The Fam 47 - Apparently, they passed the ball to Chris all night long as Christian Hernandez had 24 points in the win. Dillan Fleming had 22 points in the loss. 

--Alorica Royals 86, Just a Game 73 - This is rather unique: Gilbert Cadalinia, Sergio Carranza, and Cornell Littleton each scored 23 points for Alorica Royals in the win. 

CHANGE OF PLANS: Last week, I mentioned that we would shut the league down for a Sunday in November due to the opening day of club volleyball. Now, it looks like that won't be the case. There should be enough court space available to hold games every Sunday in November. (The playoffs are scheduled to start on November 24th.) Having said all that, there is a 99% chance that we will not have games next week because the venue is hosting one of its abominable youth tournaments.

Many of you know that I coach high-school ball and I'm all in favor of kids playing as much ball as possible. And I'm not going to be Predictable Old Guy and say "Back in my day, we played at the park until they turned the lights out at midnight." (Which we did and it didn't cost us anything.) But times have changed and we have a new reality. However, I got a real kick the other day when I stopped by the venue during a youth tournament and saw a team of what looked to be 12- and 13-year-olds wearing really fancy uniforms that read "Hoop Legends." Really?

Anyway, we scheduled the number of games that we did this week so that everybody can head into November having played the same number of games. When we come back on November 3rd, EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE will be playing on that day. It will be a veritable carnival/orgy/festival/onslaught of basketball.