Championship Sunday At Last!

December 18th, 2019

Please know that the posted schedule for this (championship) Sunday cannot be changed. The venue is packed on Sunday with all kinds of activities and we just squeezed in. (We're even playing a rare 9:00 a.m. game.) All of the games are Division championships. Shoot Your Shot won its Division title with a convincing 40-29 win over Bad Dream Team this past Sunday.

In semifinal action, Hickory won a tough battle with The Bullets. The game was tied right before the half but then Matt Swinford of Hickory tossed in a 50-footer right before the buzzer. One of the many fans from The Bullets had been filming the game, so we actually looked at the replay in slow motion and found that the shot had left his hands before the buzzer. (In high school basketball, which are the rules that we use, we go by the buzzer, not the clock because most schools don't have access to replay to check the clock.) After The Bullets took the lead, Swinford hit five long threes to help Hickory pull away to a 49-37 victory.

Pass The Ball To Chris did just that and Christian Hernandez scored enough points to help his team get past Just a Game,57-49. The Show was up 33-22 at the half over Goober Gang and ended up winning 68-55. And the much-anticipated match-up between Zona and Flashback was a dud as both Aaron Anderson and Tacho Lara couldn't make the game for different reasons as an undermanned Flashback team took a serious whuppin', 68-38.