The Tucson Basketball League is an adult-recreation league devoted to promoting spirited competition with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship. The TBL is now entering its 30th year of non-stop operation and has included hundreds of teams and thousands of players over the decades, including some of the best amateur (and several professional) players from Southern Arizona. Each league session features competition at a wide range of skill levels and has something for just about everyone.

We run three leagues per year. The Winter session runs from January through early May; the Summer season runs from May until August; and the Fall League goes from September through mid-December. Each league consists of a regular season followed by a single-elimination tournament in which all of the teams are broken into different classes for optimum competition. All players on the winning teams receive championship T-shirts.

The TBL operates most Sundays (but NEVER on Mother’s Day) at the Sporting Chance facility in Northwest Tucson. It not only boasts the lowest participation fee of any league in Southern Arizona, it also features top-notch officiating and stats that are kept and posted online for every individual and team in the league. For more information on the Tucson Basketball League, please contact Tom by filling out the “Contact” form on this page.

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