Club Volleyball Tournament Engulfs Tucson

January 15th, 2020

We have no games this week. The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was gracious enough to have been born on January 15th, so when the national holiday comes along (on the third Monday of January), besides the contemplation of the life of a great man, it's also time for the first of many big, giant, monster gonzo club volleyball tournaments. They're held all over the country, causing kids to miss school either before or after the tournament (I'll never understand why parents would want their kids to miss school). Anyway, Tucson will be inundated with club teams, with games being played at the Tucson Convention Center and sits across Tucson, including our beloved venue. We will resume play on January 26th and we're trying to see to it that we have enough court-hours so that every single team in the league can play on that day. The schedule will be up on Monday.

In games this past Sunday:

--Zona 50, Hey Arnold! 48 - This was a great game, a nail-biter that went right down to the last shot. Tommy Stubbins scored 19 points for Zona, including five threes. Norman Wolf Chief, Nick Gorosave, and Jeff Juan each scored 14 points for Arnold! Juan added 14 rebounds to complete his double-double.

--Barrio Benchmen 49, Icy Hots 46 (OT) - Rob has a rather sardonic sense of humor. Over the course of the regular season, we settle overtime games in different ways. (In the playoffs, it's a straight two minutes of play.) My favorite is to get the five guys for each team who were on the floor at the end of the game and have them alternate shooting one free throw at a time, like a soccer shootout. For this game, Rob decided that the first team to score three points wins. This has backfired on us in the past as some games drag on for several minutes as all of the players take crappy, off-balance threes, hoping to be the hero. In this game, the Benchmen won the tip. The ball went to Q. Hart, who spotted up and sank a three. The overtime lasted less than 10 seconds. Memo Valdez scored 20 points for Icy Hots.

--LeBrontourage 42, Hawgs 41 (OT) - Yes, that score is correct. These two powerhouses, both of them generally high-scoring machines, ended regulation tied at 39. This one also was first one to score three. Both teams missed multiple three attempts. Finally, LeBrontourage hit a two. The Hawgs guard drove to the hoop, scored and was fouled. But he missed the free throw and LeBrontourage went down to the other end and scored for the win.

--Medshield 47, Richardson Squad 45 - Yet another close game. Dalton Groenewold had a double-double (14 and 12) for the winners.

--The Show 51, Talkin' 'Bout Practice 48 - Abraham Mendoza led The Show with 16 points while Kris Bracamonte had 20 for Practice.

--Flashback 62, Blue Coconuts 59 - Flashback's Aaron Anderson had 21 points and 14 rebounds in the tight win.

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