Huge Day of Hoop Action on Tap For Sunday

January 23rd, 2020

This coming Sunday, we will have 23 games in the Tucson Basketball League, a wild day (and night) of hoop action. Not all of the teams will be playing, but most will. Please let me know if your team would like to play next Sunday, February 2nd, which is Super Bowl Sunday. We will have games in the morning and early afternoon (the football game doesn't start until 4:30). Some teams like to get in a run on that day, perchance to consume more vegetables and iced tea during the televised contests. Others prefer to have the day off know, for vegetables and tea. Let me know.

Also, the stats are up and we have cleaned up the system. No more bleeding over from the previous season or multiple spellings of names. We'll keep it that way. A few of you might notice that, even though you played the first and/or second week, you don't have any stats posted. That's because whoever wrote your name on the sheet can't write and/or print for crap!!! In the near future, we'll go with tablets so you can type your name in, but for now, please make sure that your name on the sheet doesn't look like Agyfql McButtflap. (Unless, of course, that's your name.) Thank you.

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