This Will Be The Last Time...Almost Certainly

February 7th, 2020

Rob and I understand that we are providing a service and we should do all that we can to help people out. But things have gotten ridiculous and a certain practice is going to come to an end. I used to post the schedule for the entire season, but we would have teams that wouldn't pay until very late and it was a nightmare. Now we post the schedule on a weekly basis; that way, teams that haven't paid are simply left off the schedule until they fulfill their responsibility.

However, this system has its own problems. As soon as I post the schedule, I start getting emails and texts. Can we play in the afternoon instead of the morning? Can we play this week and have next week off? (We had EIGHT such requests this week!) Can we play a certain team? The last one we can accommodate. Trying to accommodate the first two ends NOW. If you know that people on your team are going to be out of town in the future, please let me know a week or two in advance, not a couple days before the game is to be played. If you prefer playing in the morning, afternoon or evening, please let me know and I will try to see to it that MOST of your games suit your wishes. (Even The Hawgs and Frosty Hesson have to play a night game every now and then.)

Switching games around leads to forfeits, manpower issues, and scheduling problems with the venue. We're simply not going to do it any more. We have fifty-something teams in the league, which is great, but it also presents a ton of logistic problems. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

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