The Season Is Still On...Just On Hold

April 11th, 2020

 I hope everybody is doing okay. We passed yet another week without being able to play ball. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so we wouldn't have games, anyway. However, we would be looking forward to the end of the Winter 2020 playoffs. Obviously, we won't have any games for the following two weeks because they're both in April, but we'll see after that. I've actually been given an educated guess as to when things might be able to start up again, but I don't want to be like that guy on TV who keeps saying false things, is eventually forced to backtrack, and then pretends he didn't make the false statement in the first place.

A couple people have asked about when the season will resume. One guy wrote this (unwittingly) hilarious email. He spent the first two paragraphs ripping into me, my reffing, and my inability to take things with the deadly seriousness that he feels he deserves. That's fine; I've heard it all before. Then he got really mean; he said that Mike Luke is a better ref than I am. But then, after venting his spleen, he said, "So, when does the league start back up again?"

None of us knows. But we all can't wait.  

As some of you know, I've been earning a living as a writer for a long, long time and have always worked from home. But I've got to tell you that there's a HUGE difference between getting to work from home and having to work at home. I hope everybody out there is getting by okay. I'm going a little bit nuts.

I'm going to start giving you some tough basketball trivia questions. Unfortunately, because of the internet, you can always look up the answers, but at least try to guess before giving up and checking.

In the history of the NBA, seven white guys have won the MVP. (George Mikan is not one of them. They didn't have an MVP back when he played in the early 1950s.) The list includes Bob Pettit (twice), Bob Cousy, Steve Nash (twice), Dirk Nowitzki, and Larry Bird (three times). The other two were post players in the 1970s. Name them. Hint: Both had red hair.

I'll post the answers and give you a couple more questions in a couple days.

Stay safe.

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