Happy Mother's Day

May 9th, 2020

For the past 32 years, Mother's Day was the one day of the year on which the Tucson Basketball League went dark. Mother's Day is sacred and we've never had a game on that day. To be honest, we've never had games on Christmas or New Year's, but those days fall between the end of the Fall playoffs and the start of the Winter season. We have, however, had games on Easter Sunday, the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, St. Valentine's Day, Super Bowl Sunday, and, of course, Father's Day. 

So, tomorrow, be sure to wish a Happy Mother's Day to those mothers in your life (mom, wife, sister, whomever). 

Technically, we've still only missed five weeks of play (we wouldn't have had games on Easter Sunday or tomorrow, Mother's Day). But it feels like an eternity. 

I wrote this long thing about the virus and the re-opening of America, but I'm fairly certain that the vast majority of our members are following the developments and you know what's going on. I should have updates for you concerning the League in the near future. Again, as soon as it is humanly possible and safe to do so, we will complete the regular season of the Winter 2020 season and then head into the playoffs. Whatever plan we follow will not be completely perfect, but what in life is? Please hang in a bit longer. Thanks.


Last time, I asked some questions about current NBA stat leaders. The most amazing thing we learned (I assume you all looked things up after taking your educated guesses) is that the second-leading scorer in the NBA is Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. That's just crazy...and he's averaging more than 30 points a game.

The top five rebounders in the NBA are, in order: Andre Drummond, Hassan Whiteside, Giannis, Rody Gobert, and Domantis Sabonis. Those of us who are of a certain age remember Sabonis' father, Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis. The guy was built like a refrigerator with a head on top. He would set these bone-jarring screens, but he was also a really sweet passer. By the time he got to the NBA from Lithuania, he was past his prime, but he was still money.

LeBron James leads the NBA in assists. He's always been a good passer and now all he has to do is throw the ball up near the basket and Anthony Davis will go get it. Third in the NBA in assists, just ahead of Luca Doncic, is Ricky Rubio of the Phoenix Suns. Who knew that anybody on the Suns could catch the ball and then shoot it?


THIS WEEK'S QUESTIONS: 1. Three sports movies have won the Academy Award for Best Picture. See if you can name them. Big hint: None of the winners involve baseball, football, basketball or hockey. One was a true story involving two guys named Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell.

2. A recent survey was done of sportswriters and film critics to name the best sports movies of all time. What was their pick of Number One? Number Two is one of the Oscar winners.

3. Who is the only actor ever to win Best Actor for portraying an athlete? And no, it's not Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy."

4. Dennis Hopper, who portrayed the crazed bomber in "Speed," received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his work in a sports movie. name the movie and his character's name.

5. After watching "The Last Dance," do we all now have a renewed appreciation of Phil Jackson?

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