The First Steps to Returning

May 19th, 2020

Like just about everything else in America, the Tucson Basketball League has been shut down since the middle of March. It has been an unprecedentedly strange time in our history and I'm proud of the way the vast majority of Americans have responded to the pandemic. But the clock has ticked forward and people are coming out of their lockdown, anxious to get back to something resembling their former routines. And, judging by what we read and see on TV, that clock has a ratchet effect. It's not going back. 

I want to announce to you that the first steps are being taken to restart the activity. You must understand that in a time of social distancing, sports like basketball, football and wrestling would be among the last activities to receive official sanction. However, seeing as how it's a voluntary activity undertaken by adults as a matter of free will, our return may not be as far off as one might think.

We still have several steps that we must follow before the games can resume. And then, we have to be certain that those who choose to participate can do so without any undue fear of contracting the virus. First, the venue itself has to re-open and, when it does, it will be under the initial guidelines set forth by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. (I'm sorry, but it drives me crazy when people on TV refer to it in the singular. It's "Centers," not "Center.") Anyway, there are things that have to be done by the venue; they're working on those.

In the old days, we used to have everybody sign a Liability Waiver to indemnify the League and its operators in case somebody got hurt while playing. We may have to do that again to protect ourselves from frivolous lawsuits in case somebody contracts the virus and wants to blame somebody. There is a good chance that the State of Arizona is going to do that for all businesses. 

We couldn't have had games this week because it's Memorial Day Weekend. It's the earliest Memorial Day possible. I can't say for certain when we will be back, but it's not far off. We, like Korean baseball (and the NBA if they ever come back), may have to play without fans for a while, but it will be worth it. Please check back next week for another update. We're coming back and it's going to be great. Thanks and stay safe.


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