One Step Forward, Then a Backward Surge

June 14th, 2020

The venue at which we hold the Tucson Basketball League games has now been open for a week and things seem to going pretty well inside the building. Masks are being worn, surfaces are being given a scrubbing and social distancing is being observed (and enforced). Unfortunately, out in the real world, far too many people are acting as though the COVID-19 Pandemic is over. "Hey, I didn't die so that must mean that we won. Plus, I had to be indoors for a couple months, so now there's no way I'm going to wear a mask." It's very disappointing.

Just so you'll know, I HATE wearing a mask. Multiple broken noses from my playing days have made me a mouth breather. It's hard for me to breathe when I wear a mask. Also, the air goes up into my eyeballs and it's just generally a nuisance. But I always wear one when I'm going to the store or I'm going to be around other people. As I have said, if it were just me and Coronavirus, I wouldn't wear a mask. I'm not afraid of catching it (maybe I already have). If it got into my system, it would die of boredom. But it's not just me and the virus. I wear a mask because I care about other people and because I want this thing to go away so we can get back to the way things used to be (and should be).

As you may know, the number of case of COVID-19 in Arizona has exploded this past week. Some of the increase may be due to the fact that testing has finally become more available, but, scientifically, a significant portion of the increase has to be due to the number of people walking around in public, mask-less, partying like it's 2019. Apparently, many people thought that the blistering Arizona heat would kill the virus. That doesn't seem to be happening. The protests over the past couple weeks certainly didn't help in the fight against the pandemic, either. 

These next couple weeks are going to be very interesting. It's entirely possible that the recent spike can be attributed to a combination of increased testing, knuckleheads rushing to the bar as soon as it opened, and the close proximity of protesters. Maybe it'll die back down. Whatever the case, this spike has pushed back the re-opening of the Tucson Basketball League by a couple more weeks. I'll keep you updated. Take care.

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