A Nick Johnson Sighting! Briefly...

July 12th, 2020

Well, I got to see Nick Johnson play on TV the other day. All I can say is that it's going to be weird watching the NBA playoffs without any fans in the stands. It will be infinitely better than nothing, but, then again, as we all know, one is infinitely more than zero. Nick's team was winning the game when they got to this point where this strange rule is invoked. When they reach this point, the clock is no longer involved. Instead, they add eight points to the team that's leading's point total and whichever team gets to that total wins the game. So, if you're up 82-80, the winner is the first team to get to 90. If you're up 120-86, you go to 128.

So Nick's team is up big and cruising. They led by 18 at one time. When they got to that weird point in the game, they still had a comfortable lead. The game would go to 101. Nick's team was up 97-86 over a team that included one-year Arizona Wildcat player Ryan Luther. Remember him? Anyway, Nick Johnson's team needed to play a little bit of defense and hit a couple shots to advance in the million-dollar tournament.

They got outscored 16-2 and lost. And Ryan Luther hit the game-winning shot, a tough driving layup right down the middle of the lane.

As for the Tucson Basketball League, we're still on hold, but I'm not quite as bummed out as I was last week. By now, we all know how Arizonans have screwed this whole thing up. The lockdown worked surprisingly well and I sincerely thought that Arizona would be showing everybody how to do things the right way. I thought we'd be playing ball by now. But then the fat white guys with Hawaiian shirts and guns made their appearance and people started getting itchy. The Governor listened to the wrong person, opened things up too early, and Arizona became the absolute worst example in the entire freakin' world! 

I'm pretty sure that we're starting to head back in the right direction, but it's going to take a while. I'm really looking forward to that first day back, whenever it will be. 

I think that most people are starting to get it. I was in the Fry's up on Tangerine yesterday and everybody in the store had on a mask--except one guy! Big old 300-pounder, scraggly beard, looked like his family tree didn't have a fork in it. He was standing in an aisle, looking at, of all things, salad dressing. I stayed a good distance back from him. He finally looked up at me and said, "I can't wear a mask."

I said, "You should probably stop trying to pull it up over your gut. It'd be easier if you put it on your head and pulled down."

I thought it was funny, anyway.

Hang in. We'll get there.

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