Finally...a Bit if Good News

August 23rd, 2020

I just got an email informing me (and others) that the venue, which has been closed for most of the past five months, will be re-opening soon, perhaps as early as this Friday (August 28th). It closed down in mid-March and the operators patiently awaited getting the okay to re-open from the state. When that okay finally came, the venue opened its doors and things were going well. Masks were being worn, social distancing was being practiced and respected, and young athletes were thrilled to be back on the court in a gym. 

But then, the Hawaiian-shirt wearing crowd (people who probably couldn't pass an elementary-school test on the U.S. Constitution) began asserting their "rights" by crowding into bars in Scottsdale and tubing areas on the Salt River. Soon, our beloved state was the national poster child on how not to deal with a pandemic. We've lost months to the stupidity. Now, we're back to Step 1. The venue will re-open and we'll see how it goes. Please know that because of the nature of basketball, we'll be part of the final step of re-opening.  It's still off in the distance, but it's there. Let's all do our part to hasten along its return.

When we return, we will finish the Winter 2020 season of the Tucson Basketball League. It will be glorious. I can't wait.

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