Keep Your Fingers Crossed

September 5th, 2020

Arizonans' conduct this holiday weekend will have an impact on how quickly we can finally get back to the fun and challenges of the Tucson Basketball League. As you may recall, we were hoping for an opening in early-to-mid-summer and then the virus exploded after the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The venue, which had been open, had to close back down and remain closed for several weeks. It has since re-opened and has been open for about a week. 

As mentioned, full-court, five-on-five basketball will certainly be one of the last things allowed as the State re-opens. We'll have to wait to get okays the State, then the Pima County Health Department, and then the venue. Even then, Rob and I are going to have to be as certain as possible that we can re-start the League in a safe manner. 

However, that day is coming and, for me, it can't come soon enough. I actually have a target date in my head, but I don't want to say it for fear of jinxing it. I've been doing this league, year-round, for 32 years and being home on Sundays is freaking me out. Please hang in a bit longer; it's going to be great.

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