Rams Win, But The Experience Sucks!

September 13th, 2020

As many of you know, the Tucson Basketball League was started in 1988, so for 32 years, I have been spending my Sunday mornings, afternoons, and evenings in a gym. In many of those 32 years, I would be in the gym 45 of the 52 weeks. Those seven Sundays would usually include Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, the two Sundays around Christmas and New Year's, Labor Day Sunday, Memorial Day Sunday, and the Sunday of Thanksgiving Week. In the beginning, we would take off Super Bowl Sunday, but we started getting a huge interest from teams wanting to play that day--get in a game in the morning so they could partake of more guacamole in the afternoon/evening.

I've always been a college football fan (as opposed to the NFL). Approximately 1.2% of that is because I played college football. Actually, I mostly stood on the sidelines during college football games, but I loved the experience. So, on Saturdays, I would watch wall-to-wall college football, staying up past midnight to see the end of the Oregon State - Washington State game on the Pac-12 Network. On Sundays, I would hear about NFL scores, but it was mostly with just a shrug. I'd watch the Thanksgiving games, but I hate the Cowboys, so that was often unpleasant.

There were college games on yesterday, but I didn't watch any. I'm boycotting because I think that they should have postponed the season because of the virus. Plus, there's no Pac-12 or Big 10. But then today, after being home on Sundays for the past SIX MONTHS(!), I was home for the start of the NFL season. I was in and out of the room(s) where the TVs were on, so I got to see the exciting end of the Cardinals game and part of the first half of my beloved Rams' win over the Cowboys. (I was born and raised in L.A. back when the Rams were there the first time.) But being home on a Sunday SUCKS!!!

We're still waiting to see whether there will be an uptick in COVID cases after the Labor Day Weekend. Otherwise, all of the other metrics are heading in the right direction. We'll see if we Arizonans have learned our lessons. I am more cautiously optimistic about resuming the League with each passing week. I sincerely believe that our restart will be in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, Go Cardinals...and Rams!

Not only that, how about the Denver Nuggets? That should be a great Game 7. 

Take care, everybody.

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