Another Month Bites The Dust

November 2nd, 2020

Well, it's now November. Back in early April (now six months ago), I thought for sure that our worst-case scenario was that we wouldn't be back in the gym until July. How terribly naive of me. I had somehow forgotten about how many dumbasses live among us. Wisconsin had its highest number of cases and death YESTERDAY! Their positivity rate is over 30 percent. Forty-nine of the 50 states have had sharp increases over the past couple of weeks. Nevada had a slightly downward trend (in case you were wondering which state wasn't going up).

Donald Trump has said that we're "rounding the curve." I finally figured out what that meant. We're rounding the curve and accelerating into the straightway. His idiot son (the elder) says that it's all a hoax and the virus will disappear the day after tomorrow. Wow, that would be great, wouldn't it? If Trump wins tomorrow, he'll want to just open everything up and let whoever's going to die, just die. Biden will try to fight the virus, but that could mean another limited shutdown (Europe and England are shutting down for a month). Neither option is good. Both will make things bleaker before they get better. It remains to be determined which period of bleakness will last longer and be more deadly.

Please pardon my pessimism; it's just so frustrating that America, which is usually great at everything, is just so horrible at fighting this thing. America's population is 44 times as large as that of New Zealand. But we have 9,000 times as many deaths!!! That just sucks.

The venue remains open, but with limited hours. It may or may not have to close down again. As for the Tucson Basketball League, we will not be back this month. There's just no way. Rob and I are not going to risk anybody's health and we're not going to have a league where people have to play in masks. It would be great if we could finish up the last season in December, but I'm not optimistic about that. We're just going to have to continue enjoying watching the Dallas Cowboys suffer through one of the worst seasons in NFL history. How in the world do they have two wins?! Oh yeah, the Atlanta onside kick fiasco and a one-point win over the horrible New York Giants.

I promise you that we will be back as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. You guys have lives and loved ones to worry about. The Tucson Basketball League should be pretty far down on your list of priorities. You may not know this, but I'm not getting any younger. I'm looking forward to someday completing the 100th season of the League. The season that was interrupted and is on hiatus is the 96th. 

So, take care. I miss you guys...well, most of you. I'll keep you updated.


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