Darkest Before the Dawn?

December 1st, 2020

I've been pushed into the crevasse of pessimism over the past couple months by the masses of stupid, selfish people who want other people to die so that they can pretend to defenders of liberty. It's truly one of the least-American times in American history. 

However, having said that, I have to say that I am becoming optimistic about several things, including getting the league started back up. This, despite the fact that the coronavirus is roaring out of control, with several states seeing the highest levels of cases, hospitalizations and deaths since the start of the pandemic. I think that people are so tired of the death and the lockdowns and the uncertainty that they are far more likely to take the vaccine than what many people (including myself) originally thought. I was afraid that the mask-haters would join with the dumbass anti-vaxxers, thereby keeping us from reaching a level of mass immunity that could crush the spread of the virus. (I don't like using the term "herd immunity" because it had been co-opted by the anti-science crowd.)

The incredibly overworked health-care professionals will start getting the vaccine in a couple weeks, along with people in nursing homes. Shortly thereafter, it will be given to teachers, first responders, and people who work in grocery stores.

Understandably, the vast majority of people in the League will be among the last to get the vaccine because most are young and healthy (even if their game isn't). And while the government and medical experts are talking about late Spring as the target date for getting most Americans vaccinated. Based on how quickly Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, and Pfizer developed their vaccines, I'm actually confident that it will happen before that.

It sucks. In a normal year, this coming Sunday would be the first round of the playoffs for the Fall 2020 season. But we're still waiting to finish the Winter 2020 season. Our last games were played on March 15th. I think it would be great if we could resume play around that time of year (March 21st?) and finish that season on schedule...a year later. Obviously, if we could safely get back in the gym sooner than that, we will. But this seems realistic and it would fit in rather neatly. 

In the meantime, let's all be safe over the holidays and look forward to a new year that's going to be infinitely better than the one that is finishing up. After all the false hope and false starts (at one time, I thought we would be back on the court by mid-May, then by August 1st, then mid-October), I think we can all agree that the end is out there somewhere. It can't come soon enough.

Take care, everybody.

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