Slowly, Then All of a Sudden

January 15th, 2021

In the Ernest Hemingway novel "The Sun Also Rises," one guy asks another "How did you go bankrupt?" The response was "Gradually, then suddenly." That's similar to a quote from John Green, who, when asked how he had fallen in love, said that it was the same as when he falls asleep--slowly and then all at once. With the utmost sincerity, that's how I believe that the outside factors that will allow us to re-start the Tucson Basketball League will unfold. 

Yesterday was the highest death toll in the history of the pandemic. Hospitals are nearing a breaking point, there is a new strain of the virus that is more-contagious (but not more deadly) than the original, and the current administration has botched the rollout of the vaccines. Things are bleak right now, but they're going to start getting better. It will probably be slowly at first, but then it will accelerate, perhaps rapidly. President-elect Biden has set a goal of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days. If that can be accomplished (a big "if"), the virus should drop to really low numbers. One hundred million is a huge percentage of the people who should get it--old people, teachers, health-care workers. Young people probably don't need it, and it's not approved for people under 16, anyway. 

One hundred days from the inauguration (next week) is April 30th. I'm actually hoping (and planning) on being back on the courts before then. As I've said, we won't be back until it's safe to be back, but once it is, it's like "Oh, hell yeah!"

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