Just a Few More Weeks...

February 3rd, 2021

Watching the race between new Coronavirus variants and the multiple vaccines is a grim but engrossing pastime. It's way too early to declare success, but things sure do feel different, don't they? I can't tell if Dr. Fauci and the other medical experts are being prudent or if they're sandbagging us by talking about late Spring/early Summer. While they curves will not be symmetrical, I firmly believe that rapid distribution of the vaccine(s) will lead to a precipitous (and maybe even exponential) drop in the number of cases and deaths. I'm almost certain that, by early summer, we will be talking about COVID mostly in the past tense. However, I remain guardedly optimistic that we will see significant improvement before that. 

I am considering naming a date for the return of the Tucson Basketball League. I want to do it now (I have a date in mind), but I think I'll wait until next week so we can see how the rollout of the vaccine to pharmacies across the country is working. Whatever the case, we will have gone more than a year between games, which is absolutely hideous. But, the end of the pandemic lockout is coming. I can finally see it off in the distance.

Oh, how I long to hear, "Tom (while you are a fine human being), you suck as a ref!" In order to make their point in as quick a time as possible, they usually leave out the stuff that's in parentheses.

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