Another Week Closer

February 10th, 2021

The mostly good (and sometimes bad) news keeps coming. According to today's New York Times, the number of new COVID-19 cases today is down a whopping 35 percent from two weeks ago. Deaths are down 20 percent from that point, as well. Both numbers are still ridiculously high, but they're coming down. When the history of the pandemic is written, the United States is going to look like a nation of idiots that was being led by an administration of crooks and fools. In terms of our national response to the virus, we're definitely in the Bottom 10 in the entire world (out of more than 150 countries). 

Think about this: In the nation of Singapore, the government immediately distributed N-95 masks to all of its citizens and mandated their use. The United States has roughly 57 times as many people as Singapore. Yesterday, we had almost ONE THOUSAND times as many cases of the virus. History will show that, in this case (when small sacrifices could have paid large dividends), Americans were lazy and selfish and stupid.

Also, when the pandemic was roaring out of control, a company in Miami retrofitted their factory and started making N-95 masks. They notified the Trump Administration, which decided to keep buying them from companies in China. And it's not like the American company was trying to gouge anybody; their price was competitive. Then, during the shameful "transition" period, the previous Administration didn't tell the incoming one about that factory. So now, the boss has had to lay off workers and he has 30 MILLION masks in a warehouse. Facebook and Google have banned ads for masks, so they just sit in the factory. The Biden Administration is expected to purchase at least some of them in the next few weeks, after they cut through all the red tape. It's insane.

But, vaccinations are proceeding at a nice pace. (Biden promised a million a day, but we're actually at 1.3 million.) Hospitalizations are down. We're definitely heading in the right direction. But we're not there yet. As I've mentioned, we're NOT going to start up again if there's a chance that we would just have to shut down again after a couple weeks. Also, we're not going back if we have to play with masks on. That would suck. Most of the people in the league are on the younger side, so they'll be at the end of the line for the vaccine, but they're also the least-likely to get hit hard by the virus. A lot of different factors will determine when we return.

It's definitely not going to be this month or next, but maybe in April. How about this? I'd like for us to be back before the temperature hits 100 for the first time. (Of course, with the climate crisis, that could be next week.) Just hang in. The finish line is almost in sight. Take care.

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