Let The Inexact Countdown Begin

March 14th, 2021

Today is Sunday, March 14th. Pi Day. Today, I watched the announcement of the 68 teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament live on TV. It made me very sad. It's the first time I've ever seen that. When I started the League back in 1988, they didn't have a show like that. ESPN sorta' covered it, but most people just looked in the newspaper the next day to see the brackets. Yes, the newspaper.

Last year, we didn't have League on this Sunday, but they had canceled the NCAAs, so there was no show. This year's show was un-exciting and melancholy. The UA isn't in the tournament, so we won't get the opportunity to watch them get upset by an inferior team in the first round. But the worst part is that I was home on Sunday instead of being in the gym. It's now been a year of that and it sucks.

Fortunately, I can now say with a measure of certainty that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccinations are proceeding ahead of schedule, warm weather is coming, and only dumbass states like Texas and Mississippi are opening up prematurely. 

There are 20 weeks until August 1st. That's the date that the Centers For Disease Control predicts that we can have nearly 90% of all Americans vaccinated and the Coronavirus can be in the rear-view mirror. Of course, as mentioned here, there are a few knuckleheads who swear that they won't take the vaccine. That's okay; that's their choice. But if over 80% of Americans get the vaccine, no one will care if those who don't understand science get COVID. I know I won't.

We'll start counting down the 20 weeks. That seems like a long way off, but we've already got 52 weeks behind us. Besides, I SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT IT WE WILL BE BACK WELL BEFORE THAT 20-WEEK MARK. I have a different (much-smaller) number in my head, but, as I've said, we have to have the clearance of the Pima County Health Department, we have to make sure that the League does not place any undue strain on the operation of the venue, and we have be able to have the games without a mask mandate. I watched high-school kids struggle to play with masks on this past season and it was unpleasant. Some of the guys who haven't played in a year would find it most unpleasant.

There's no way that it will go past 20 weeks (if I were superstitious, I would knock on wood, but I'm not.) What the heck, I'll do it anyway, just in case. It would be nice to get back around Mother's Day (when we NEVER have games) so that we can finish  the Winter 2020 season and start the Summer 2021 season. If we don't get back until June, we'll finish the last season and then have a shorter Summer season, so that we can get back on track, starting the Fall League around Labor Day.

Just hang in a bit longer. It's going to worth it.

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