Keep Your Distance Just a Little Bit Longer

March 28th, 2021

In the classic Talking Heads song, "Girlfriend Is Better," David Byrne sings "...get closer to be far away..." That's what's happening now in Arizona as Dumbass Doug Ducey caved to political pressure and prematurely lifted COVID restrictions. Just yesterday, Arizona had the highest number of COVID cases reported in weeks. It's ridiculous. With the vaccination programs going full speed, we were probably within a couple months of shutting the pandemic down. Now, we're almost certainly going to have another surge. It may not be as bad as some of the others, but it's coming.

I had started a 20-week countdown a couple weeks ago, with August 1st being the absolute worst-case scenario date for restarting the League. I sincerely thought that the number of weeks before the restart date would be in the single digits. It still might be, but it certainly won't be the April 11th date that Rob and I were kicking around back in February. 

We are getting close, however. As mentioned (too many times!), we need to get to a point where none of the players will be required to wear masks on the court. Also, while COVID deaths are declining, the number of cases is on the rise. We need to get both of those numbers down to a point where the virus is an annoyance, not a national crisis. Then, we have to have four consecutive weeks at the venue when we can play lots and lots of games (two weeks for the end of the regular season, followed by two weeks for the first two rounds of the playoffs. (The championship games can be played on a day where we don't have the courts for 12 hours.)

I'll be meeting with the head of the venue sometime this week to select potential starting dates. I'll keep you posted. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody agaon. Well, almost everybody. Maybe not Mike Luke. Hang in there...and please keep your masks on just a little bit longer.

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