Some Good News

April 11th, 2021

I recently stated that we had begun a countdown to the restart of the League. I had suggested as the worst-possible scenario the date of Sunday, August 1st. I can now tell you with near certainty that it will be before that date, perhaps several weeks earlier than August 1st. I am working closely with the venue to make sure that everything will go smoothly when we re-open. 

There are still some potentially major obstacles out there beyond our control. When the history of this pandemic is written, a couple things will be indisputable. One thing is that the creation, production, and distribution of the vaccine(s) will be one of the greatest achievements of this (or any other) century. Unfortunately, that is balanced out by the fact that certain groups of people have chosen to be selfish and vile and borderline un-American, thereby prolonging the national agony and increasing the death toll. I hope they all get sick.

Come on, People. We've all been wearing the much-hated masks for coming up on a year now. What's a few more weeks going to hurt if we can stamp this thing out?

Anyway, the League will not be starting back up in April and, quite frankly, probably not in May, either. But June is starting to look good. So do your part so we can get back to the decades-long tradition of gathering for basketball on Sundays. Thanks.

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