Preparations Underway For Return

May 12th, 2021

As mentioned in the previous posting, we're only a handful of weeks away from returning. It will be in the month of June; of that, I am certain. I am currently working on the schedule for the end of the Winter 2020 season, which was interrupted by the pandemic. Most teams have one regular-season game remaining, while some have two games remaining. We will finish the regular season and then begin the playoffs. 

I want to thank people for the heads-ups that some fitness locations and that place over on the southside are running leagues. I'm happy that people are finding places to play. Somebody asked me if I was afraid that another league would put us out of business. First off, the Tucson Basketball League isn't a business; it's a community of basketball lovers. (It's also not a business because, in 33 years, we've never made a penny off it.) But, if some other league is going to try to force us to shut down after a third of a century in operation, bless their heart. We'll just have to try harder.

There will undoubtedly be roster changes after a year off. That is to be expected and we're not going to make too big a big deal of it. But please don't test our good nature. Quick story: In the very early days of the Tucson Basketball League, we had a team of guys, several of whom looked like the guy Screech from "Saved By The Bell." They also kinda' played like Screech (may he rest in peace). We get to the playoffs and, instead of five Screeches, they show up with five players who look like the guy who ripped the table out of the floor in "Animal House" and asked "Do you mind if we dance with your dates?"

There will be some common-sense safety protocols in place--basic things like no post-game handshakes and hug-a-thons. Unfortunately, we in America have a certain percentage of knuckleheads who are still refusing to get vaccinated. It's ridiculous. There is absolutely no scientific reason to avoid vaccination and, if a person is doing it for political reasons, that person is terminally stupid and deserves to get really, really sick. I have mentioned before that, other than being horribly obese, I am blessedly healthy. (I've never had the flu, EVER, never missed a day of school back in the day or work to this day). I have no doubt that I could have gone the entire course of this pandemic (which STILL isn't over) without getting vaccinated and I wouldn't have had to worry about getting sick. But it's not about me. It's about my family, my neighbors, my city, state, country, and world.

Please keep watching this website. Once we get the necessary clearance, things will start moving fast. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again real soon. Maybe even Mike Luke.

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