Before You Ask, The Answer is NO!

July 27th, 2021

The schedule for this coming Sunday is up. Twenty-nine games, 58 teams! And it would have been more, but a couple teams will be out of town on Sunday and we had to say goodbye to a few squads that weren't up to the responsibility of being in the league. It happens. The schedule was not easy to put together and it is certain to bother some people, but don't even think about asking for a time change. It's not going to happen. To put it in mixed-metaphor terms, it would be like pulling a thread on a sweater and then all the dominoes would fall.


Starting this week, every team will play every Sunday for the rest of the regular season. It's going to be an awesome undertaking. This past Sunday, we had 13 games with no forfeits. We sincerely hope that we can make it through the rest of the season like that. But, realistically, that's unlikely. But, if you are going to miss your game for whatever reason, please let me know in advance so we can make other arrangements. Every forfeit is costly (financially) to the League, but much more importantly, it causes hard feelings among the players who showed up for the game. We've already got teams and individuals wanting to sign up for the Fall League, which will start in mid-September and end just before Christmas. We appreciate your interest.

The stats (a very popular item) will be posted after every team has played at least two games. 

A big shout-out to Dominic Dicochea of Zona. At the end of last season, the League stats had him as the Rebounding Champion, with over 13 per game. But when it came time to award him his shirt for the honor, he pointed out that there had been an accounting error (he was credited with 80 rebounds in one game instead of eight). Fat fingers. We appreciate his honestly. So what did Dominic do this week, his first game in the Summer 2021 season? He scored 41 points in a big win over DTC. And to go along with his 41 points, he had one rebound.

In other games: 

--The Hawgs 74, Average Joes 69 - The Gaxiola brothers, Gabe and Anthony, combined for 47 points and 14 rebounds for the Average Joes, but they fell just short in a classic contest. Jon Brogan and Donte Williams both had double-doubles for The Hawgs. Brogan went for 29 and 10, while Williams had 23 and 16.

--Talkin' 'Bout Practice 63, 49 Fingers 58 - Practice used balanced scoring, led by Sergio Carranza's 14 points, to hold off defending Division champion 49 Fingers (formerly known as Just a Game). All five Fingers starters scored in double figures, but it wasn't enough.

--F.A.T. (Free Agent Team) Two 49, Frosty Hesson 47 - This season's experiment with free-agent teams is off to a roaring success, with both teams starting off their seasons with wins. Unruly Nation, which dropped the name F.A.T. One because they didn't want people to think they were one of the founding members of 'N Sync. Connor Nolan led F.A.T. Two with 15 points in the win over Frosty Hesson.

--The Regulators 50, Benchwarmers 42 - Joey Barraza scored 28 points to lead The Regulators. Matt Altamirano added 12 points in the win. Oddly, each of the other five players on the team scored two points each, although Chris Cantoni also grabbed 10 boards.