Two One-Point Wins in a Row!

August 9th, 2021

It is inevitable that there will be blowouts in adult-recreation league games. We wish they didn't happen, but takin' an occasional whuppin' is just part of being a baller. But when I do the schedule, I hope that every game will be close. The perfect game is a one-point victory in which both teams had the opportunity to have the lead and the ball at least once in the final two minutes. While we did have a couple unfortunate blowouts this week, one of our teams had its second "perfect" game in two weeks.

Pass The Ball To Chris squeaked by with a 56-55 win last week over Heat Check. They followed that up this week with a nail-biting 66-65 win over The Show. Alex Cardenas was dominant inside for Pass The Ball, scoring 30 points on a variety of post moves and driving layups. Christian Hernandez added 13 points and Jonny Fuentes chipped in with 10. Mike Smith led The Show with 16 points.

With the win, Pass The Ball To Chris remained undefeated. It's crazy. After just three weeks of play, only eight of the 60 teams in the League remain undefeated. And only eight remain winless. We have a wildly competitive league this season. You can check out the standings on this website. This season, we have eight divisions and they are named for the members of the biggest musical act in the world--BTS. But, there are only seven members in that group, so we had to come up with a name for the 8th division. You'll like it.

In other games from this week:

--DTC 52, Frosty Hesson 49 - This was a strange game. The captain of DTC, George Mejia, told me at the start of the season that he had a different roster, one perhaps in need of division realignment. So I put them up against defending Division champion Frosty Hesson. At first, it looked like a major mismatch as DTC jumped out to a 21-5 lead. They still led, 29-18, at the half. But then something strange happened. For a five minute stretch, Frosty couldn't miss. Harold Stevenson hit four straight threes and his team not only came back to tie the game, they went out to a nine-point lead with three minutes left. Then they got outscored 12-0 down the stretch.

Hey Arnold! 75, 1 National Championship Drive 57 - Definitely my kind of game to ref. The two teams combined to hit 21 threes and, IN THE ENTIRE GAME, combined to commit seven fouls! Ruben Silva, Jesus Dorame, David Cordova, Jesus Gonzalez, and Jason Thomas all scored in double figures for Arnold.

Average Joes 67, Fleet 61 - This was a great game that started out as a blowout, but ended up going right down to the wire. The Joes ran out to a 42-21 halftime lead but Fleet cut it to two late in the game. Gabe Gaxiola had 36 points on nine threes for the Joes, while Sam Okougbo responded with 31 points on five threes for Fleet.

Below The Rim 43, Beige Sharks 34 - In a defensive struggle, Below The Rim jumped out to an eight-point lead at the half and held that margin throughout the second half. Ryan Wendt led the winners with 12 points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned before, this entire week, workers will be resurfacing the courts at the venue. It's an exhaustive process, but it should only take two or three days. However, there is a chance that it will take longer and a small chance that we will not be able to have games this coming Sunday (August 15th). I will let you know as soon as I know.

IMPORTANT-ER NOTE: This week or next, three of our long-time scorekeepers are heading off to college. Jernei will be attending the University of Southern California, Catie will be going back to the strange Catholic college she attends in North Dakota, and Brianda is leaving for Northern Arizona in Flagstaff. They mostly do really good work and occasionally drive me freakin' nuts. We're going to miss all of them and I look forward to the late-night phone calls and/or emails asking for help with a Physics problem or to read an essay they have written. Best of luck.