28 Games; ZERO Forfeits!

August 18th, 2021


I realize that I am somewhat obsessed with forfeits. Back in the old days of the League, we were not unhappy with forfeits, because we would make a team of the refs and the scorekeepers and play against the team that had shown up. (We had a very-impressive won-loss record.) But, times have changed and now forfeits are the bane of my existence. This is the second-highest number of games we've ever had in one day and to get through through 28 games--in the summer!--without even one forfeit is amazing. Big thanks to everybody.

This coming Sunday is the last week of the regular season for the Summer 2021 session. It has gone incredibly well. The playoffs will begin the following Sunday, August 29th, with the semis on September 5th and the championship games on September 12th. The Fall 2021 season will begin the next week (September 19th) and run through mid-December. Then we'll be back on track. 

Because everything has gone so well in this somewhat-shortened Summer 2021 season (and also became we have so many freakin' teams!), instead of the usual seven or eight divisions for the playoffs, we're going to have 10! That gives everybody a better chance of competing for a Division title and, in the process, winning a really-cool T-shirt.

Highlights from this past Sunday:

--Gotem 64, Streetz 61 - I just love it when you get these teams of veteran players and put them up against younger guys. The older guys either take the Richard Pryor route ("These young bucks ain't buildin' no reputation offa' us!") or they just whine a lot. I won't say which approach Streetz took. Gotem jumped out to a 10-point lead at halftime and it just stayed there throughout the second half. Streetz would make a little run, cut it to six or so, but then it would go right back up to double digits. But with about three minutes left, Streetz cut it to two points. With 10 seconds left, it was down to one but Gotem was at the line. They missed the front end of the one-and-one. Streetz got the rebound and was fouled on the play. But then the Streetz player missed the front end of the one-and-one and Gotem held on for the win. Gotem was led by Zeke Odina's 17 points. Braden Escobar led Streetz with 25 points.

--Unruly Nation 53, KP Ballerz 45 - Unruly Nation is one of the two free-agent teams we put together. Both they and the other free-agent team (F.A.T. Two) evened their respective records at 2-2 on Sunday. George Leeth hit six threes for 18 points for the KP Ballerz, but it wasn't enough. Avery Walker led the Nation with 15 points.

--Tribe 43, Beige Sharks 41 - This game went right down to the wire, with Travis Lopez hitting a big shot late for the winners.

--Rattlers 53, Zion 40 - Keegan Biggers had a double-double (19 and 11) to lead the Rattlers. 

From now on, Bad Dream Team will be known as No E-Z Buckets. I'm not sure if they're talking about themselves. They asked me to change their name before the season started, but I'm just now getting around to it. LeBrontourage got spiffy new jerseys to go along with their new name, but it's late in the season and I'm not 100% certain that I remember their new name.


--Ageless Kent Senzee hit 10 threes and 30 points for The Hawgs.

--Monus Jose and Roland Ramon combined to hit 10 threes for Skyhawks.

--Manny Alvarado had 30 points for Black Mambas.

--Max Slath of Glass Monkeys and Rodney Flores of The Expendables each grabbed 10 rebounds.

--Marcos Lopez had a double-double (17 and 10) for Heat Check.