It's Playoff Time!!

August 23rd, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: The Dawgs - Streetz game and the Lebrontourage - Scrap Attack game are NOT playoff games. They are makeup games due not to forfeits, but to administrative errors. One game was a scheduling mix-up, the other a miscommunication with the officiating crew. All of the other games are single-elimination playoff games, so play accordingly. If your team is not playing this week, that means you have a bye into the second round.

We recently completed the longest Tucson Basketball League ever--the pandemic-interrupted Winter 2020 campaign that began in January of 2020 and finally wrapped up in July of 2021. Now, we're finishing up the shortest TBL season ever, one that we have abbreviated so that we can start the fall season in mid-September and finish up before Christmas, thereby getting back on the schedule that we've followed for decades. 

The past four weeks have been wild. After starting the Summer season in mid-July, we went through August with every team playing on every Sunday, 29 games a day on three courts. And now, we're on to the playoffs. We will have 10 different playoff divisions. I'm in the process of dividing the teams into those divisions. Doing so is both a science and an art. I have multiple degrees in science but I SUCK at art. It's tricky. The five or six top teams in the League are easy to identify, filled with rosters of players with college-level ability and experience. At the same time, those teams with players in the late 40s/early 50s (with a couple in their 60s, bless their hearts) are also easy to identify and gather in groups. 

But then, after having done so, there remain 35 or so teams that are all closely bunched. Splitting them into evenly matched divisions is not going to be easy. Just look at the RN Division in the regular-season standings. Seven teams, all within one game of each other. The first-place team is one game up in the standings over the last-place team. Of the 58 teams that completed the season, only two went undefeated and just two went winless. That's semi-amazing.

I will split up the teams tonight based on record and intuition. I will post the brackets and game schedules tomorrow. The first round is this Sunday (August 29th). The semifinals will be on September 5th (yes, that's Labor Day Weekend, but we played on the actual Fourth of July, so, you know...). The championship games will be on September 12th and the Fall 2021 season will start the following week, on September 19th, and run through mid-December.

Teams that are currently playing can sign up for the next season on sign-up sheets that will be available at the scorers' tables during the playoffs. Anyone considering entering a new team should contact me through the website. Thanks.