Fall 2021 Season Off To a Hot Start

September 21st, 2021

Before we get started with the wrap-up of the first week of the Fall '21 season, we have an important announcement. It seems that some of the teams (not all, but more than one) have forgotten their manners and are leaving empty water and Gatorade bottles by their bench at the end of the game. This will be the only warning you get. If your team leaves even one bottle behind, you will start the next game with two technical fouls. Your opponents will get four free throws and the ball to start the game. If it happens twice, your team will lose a game on the schedule. I am very serious about this. The people who work at the venue should not have to pick up after you. Do what's right or you will wish you had.  


In early July, we finished up the longest season ever, an 18-month ordeal with a gigantic pandemic hole in the middle. The just-completed Summer season was, by necessity, the shortest season ever. And now we're on to Fall 2021, which will be our biggest season ever. I don't even want to say how many teams we have. It's like Voldemort. 

Remember in "Major League," where announcer Bob Uecker says that you can tell how the season is going to go by what the batter does in the first at-bat of the first game? Them Willie Mays Hayes (Wesley Snipes) gets an excuse-me bunt single. 

Well, this should be great because the very first game of the season--Bricklayers vs. Below The Rim--was an overtime thriller. Keith Decker poured in five three-pointers to lead Below The Rim. Decker finished with 17 points and eight rebounds. Alex Vidal hit four threes for the Bricklayers and finished with 16 and eight.

In other games:

--Basketball Junkies 70, Tucson Tigers 51 - These are two new top-level entries to the League and they put on quite a show. Jason Timpf led the Junkies with a dazzling double-double--31 points and 11 rebounds. Josh Kollasch chipped in with 18 and six. Zeke Odima had a double-double, 21 and 11, for the Tigers.

--Gym Class Legends 54, KP Ballerz 50 - After taking a couple years off to start a family, Matthew Knoblich returned to the League in a big way. He had 25 points and 16 rebounds to lead the Legends.

--Cardinals 55, Hotboiiz 54 - Another nail-biter. The Cardinals got balanced scoring with four starters scoring in double figures to hold off the Hotboiiz. 

--Desert Dawgs 62, Scout Team 60 - Edgar Castro, Josh Wade, Dave Currie, and Rob Brown all scored in double figures for the Dawgs, who trailed by five at the half but came on strong down the stretch.

--Underdogs 56, Hickory 45 - Josh Arnold of Hickory won a couple rebounding titles back in the day and it looks like he wants another one. He had a double-double in the loss to the Underdogs, hitting 10 points (including 4-4 from the line) and pulling down 17 rebounds. 


--Luke Fleming had 31 points to lead Ancient Toucans to a win over Prestige Worldwide.

--Ray Burtle had a double-double (24 and 11) but his Jetpacks fell to Fleet, 57-42.

--Zach Ryberg hit eight three-pointers for Richardson Squad, which lost a two-point heartbreaker to Red Santas.

--Malcolm Miller had 32 points and 14 rebounds in GGTM's win over Team Lace-Up.

The teams that played in the Division Championship games for the Summer 2021 season will all make their Fall debut this coming Sunday.