Working Overtime

October 17th, 2021

Mansfield Ballers beat G3 by one in overtime. Ben Simmons' Jumper beat No E-Z Buckets by one. Desert Dawgs beat Scrap Attack by two in overtime. Team UGLY beat Flashback with a three at the overtime! And all of this happened on just one of the three courts on Sunday. Whoever scheduled these games is a freakin' GENIUS! Also, starting out the day on that court, Skoden jumped out to a 15-point lead on The Heat only to watch The Heat come back late in the second half to take a 54-51 lead. Then Skoden went on a 13-0 run to grab the victory.

On the other court, we had a one-point game, a two-point game and two four-point victories. 

A few highlights:

--After Aaron Anderson (with a double-double of 28 and 12)put Flashback up by three with five second left in regulation, L.J. Turner converted a crazy three-point play, hitting a twisting jumper and then making the free throw to send the game into overtime. With the score tied and seconds remaining in OT, Drae Johnson hit a long three for the win.

--Dave Currie had a double-double (20-11) for F.A.T. Two in their loss to Chivos.

--Kevin "Hacksaw" Harris is gunning for another League rebounding title. He grabbed 14 boards to go along with 14 points in Scrap Attack's overtime loss to Desert Dawgs.

--Roland Ramon hit eight three-pointers and 27 points, but his Redmen came up short against Cardinals.

--Dom Banks, Fred Simms, and Malcolm Millner, who all played on those killer Amphi High teams in the early part of the last decade, each had 14 points in GGTM's four point win over Average Joes. Chaz Mack had a stellar game (34 and 11) for the Joes.

--Alex Vidal had 30 points on 10 threes in the Bricklayers' win over Hickory.