A Lot of This, A Little Bit of That

November 1st, 2021

We had a shortened schedule because of Halloween. We finished up at 6:00. But the shortened schedule still packed quite a punch. We had a couple strange blowouts (one was bad scheduling on my part, the other was because a couple key players on the losing team didn't show up). But then we also had a bunch of great, close games. Thirteen of the 19 games were decided by single digits. That's way cool.

--Underdogs 54, Prestige Worldwide 50 - Jon Romero and David Nguyen combined to hit 10 three-pointers and score 34 points in the tight win over Prestige Worldwide. The Underdogs made a huge comeback after trailing, 33-19, at the half.

--Scout Team 56, DTC 53 - Tom Olla and Zack Malik combined for 40 points in the win. Gabe Reyes had a monster double-double (21 and 13) in a losing effort.

--Dad Bods 53, Unruly Nation 49 - Dad Bods led by four at the half and by four at the end of the game. Josh Johnson led the winners with 20 points.

--Gotem 62, Skoden 58 - Absolutely the game of the day! Gotem jumped out to a humongous 27-9 lead midway through the first half and the game appeared to be over. But Skoden chipped away and chipped away and trailed by only 10 at the half. They finally caught up and then took a three-point lead with under two minutes to go. But then Gotem found a spark, scored the last seven points of the game and won by four. Great game of runs. Chris Johnson and Erasmo Tanori each had 14 point for the winners.

--Average Joes 71, Scrap Attack 68 - Gabe Gaxiola and Chaz Mack combined for 45 points in this tight thriller. Hacksaw Harris had 15 rebounds for Scrap Attack and continues to lead the league in that category.

--The Heat 58, Bricklayers 56 - Nova Jose nearly had a double-double (15 and 9) in the win.

--Heat Check 64, Splash Pad 62 - Heat Check scored at the buzzer to beat A League power Splash Pad.

Also, The Show handed Smokin' 3s their first loss of the season.

We're already in November! This season is flying by. We will NOT have games on November 28th (the Sunday after Thanksgiving). We've tried to have games on that Sunday in the past. Some teams really want to play to run off the food, but we end up having a bunch of forfeits because people are either traveling or hosting family. And with things getting back to sorta'-normal, we thought it best not to have games that day. The single-elimination playoffs start on December 5th. The next season (Winter 2022) starts January 9th.