Heading Into The Playoffs!

November 28th, 2021

Wow, so this is what a Sunday off feels like! (It actually kinda' sucks, seeing as how my Los Angeles Rams rolled over and played dead against anti-science moron Aaron Rodgers and I had to watch the entire thing. It's so much better when I'm at the League all day and then I only have to watch a minute or so of painful recap content on SportsCenter.)

The League has been going since 1988 and we usually get five or six Sundays off each year. There's this Sunday (the Sunday after Thanksgiving), a couple weeks off over the holidays, Mother's Day (that's sacred!), MLK Day Sunday, and (usually, but not always) Easter Sunday. We used to have games on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Some people wanted to play off their big meals, but we ended up having a bunch of forfeits. People were either out of town or they had friends and family in town for the holiday.

Anyway, the regular season ended last week with a bang. Our last undefeated team, GGTM (which boasted wins over The Hawgs and Basketball Junkies) got smacked by Scrap Attack, 66-47! Brady Hagerty hit nine threes and 39 points for Scrap Attack.

Here's something amazing: With the wrapping up of the regular season, not one of the 70 teams is undefeated and none of the teams finished winless, either. I have really short arms. If I didn't, I would pat myself on the back for the scheduling.

To answer a question that comes up occasionally, there is a logical reason as to why some teams have more total games on their records. What happens is that when a team shows up for a game and the other team doesn't, we declare a forfeit. (We have very, very few of them, but they do happen from time to time.) We declare the game a forfeit and the team that did show up gets a forfeit victory while the forfeiting team gets a loss. We then give the team that did show up a make-up game. (These make-up games cost more than $100 each. That's probably not good business, but the make-up games seem fair.) The forfeiting team just gets a loss, but the other team gets a forfeit victory AND another game. That's why some teams have more games than others.

The playoffs will begin this Sunday, December 5th. As is our tradition, everybody makes the playoffs and we will break the none regular-season Divisions into smaller groups so that we can have more-equitable playoff action--and more champions! The semis will be on December 12th, with the championship games being held on December 19th. Then we'll take a couple weeks off and start the Winter 2022 season in early January. We've already had several teams and individuals express interest in joining us for the next season. As some of you know, I coach high-school girls basketball. We had a six-game tournament this past week, then Thanksgiving, then Black Friday, then I had to go to the awful UA-ASU football game, so I haven't answered all of the emails yet. I'll get to them tomorrow. I sincerely appreciate your interest and patience.

Let's have a great playoff tournament! Good luck to all.