December 9th, 2021

I HATE making changes to the schedule after it gets posted. It often makes things worse. But people text me all frantically. Hey, we have to go to church in the morning. Hey, a couple of our guys have to work at night. Hey, my favorite Korean drama is on. 

So, I made one change and then I had to make another... and another! It's a nightmare. It's also the semifinals of the playoffs and I don't want any forfeits, which we would have had if I hadn't made the changes. We also have a tightened schedule because of club volleyball eating up a lot of the courts.

Here's a list of all of the games that I had to move around for one reason or another (some of the changes might involve just one team; some might involve both):

Average Joe - Fleet (Court 1 at 10:00)

Shoot Your Shot - The Fam  (Court 1 at 11:00)

Redmen - Richardson Squad  (Court 1 at 5:00)

1 National Championship Drive - The Show  (Court 1 at 6:00)

Skoden - Hotboiiz  (Court 1 at 7:00)

Ben Simmons' Jumper - Underdogs  (Court 2 at 10:00)

Desert Dawgs - The Mustangs  (Court 2 at 6:00)

Mansfield Ballers - Prestige Worldwide  (Court 2 at 7:00)

I'm pretty sure that I contacted everyone and got a confirmation from them as to the time and/or opponent changes. I may contact everyone again just to make sure. See you on Sunday.