Championship Games Set For 8/27

August 19th, 2023

The Summer 2023 season that started the first Sunday in May will be coming to an exciting close next Sunday with the championship games in 14 Divisions. Yes, 14 Divisions; we always have more Divisions in the playoffs than in the regular season. That makes for a smoother and more-equitable playoff process and, as a byproduct, a couple more championship teams.

As often happens, we had fewer really close games in the semifinals than we had in the first-round games. I actually don't know if there is a rational explanation for that phenomenon, but it happens almost every season. We did have a few tight games, including:

--Twisted Boys 78, Skoden 76 - I had the distinct pleasure of reffing this game and it was a masterpiece. Two high-powered, run-and-gun teams going at each other from the opening tip to the final buzzer. It was tight throughout the first half, but then Skoden opened up an 11-point lead with about 13 minutes to go in the game. Twisted Boys made a breathtaking run and tied the game in less than two minutes. After that, it was a back-and-forth battle. One of the ways that I like to think that neither team can complain after a really close game is when both teams had the ball and either a lead or a tie score in the final two minutes. Such was the case in this game. It was an absolute classic.

--Frosty Hesson 69, The Thunder Buddies 54 - Magic Galindo scored 40 points. His team, The Thunder Buddies, scored 54 points. The other team, Frosty Hesson, scored 69 points.

--Hemoglobin Trotters 46, Way Past Our Prime 44 - This game featured an unfortunate last-minute meltdown. With less than two minutes to go, Way past Our Prime held a 44-40 lead in what had been a defensive struggle. In a bizarre turn of events, A Trotter missed a potential game-tying free throw, but got his own rebound and got fouled on a shot attempt. He made the first free throw to tie the game. He missed the second, only to have a teammate tip it in for the winning basket at the buzzer.  

The schedule for next Sunday's games will be posted early Monday. The results of the semifinal games (in no particular order) are:

The Company 75, Los Chivos 73

Tucson Warriors 49, The Fam 43

SlimeBallz 60, Killer Whales 51

Injured Reserves 61, OverSleepers 51

Swoosh 54, Fab Five 38

KP Ballerz 85, The Heat 73

Freqz 79, Zona 63

520 Elite 55, Average Joes 52

Looney Goons 68, Fleet 52

Basketball Junkies 63, JAK 50

The Vets 68, The Pack 60

Frosty Hesson 69, The Thunder Buddies 54

Hickory 45, Shoot Your Shot 35

Twisted Boys 78, Skoden 76

Slime Time 65, GGTM 55

76ers Minus 7 69, Flashback 59

B2K 60, Rainbow Drillers 49

Underdogs 78, Crossroad Select 62

Sikhos 51, Outlawz 45

YSL 75, Blue Coconuts 74

The Show 71, Big Steppas 60

Icy Hots 74, Air Jesus 54

TCB 58, Scout Team 39

Hemoglobin Trotters 46, Way Past Our Prime 44

Soul Snatchers 65, Just a Game 57

Toon Squad 88, SOS 70

Los Barberos 55, Paper Route Hoopers 48

4PF 74, AZ Knights 55