Big Win For SideLoaders!

June 7th, 2024

We make no secret of the fact that we have a few favorite teams. That doesn't mean that we're going to cheat to help them win or anything like that, but we have a deep and abiding appreciation of how they go about things. At the very top of the lost is the SideLoaders. They're a bunch of guys who work hard all week and then show up on Sundays to enjoy each other's company and play some ball. Win or lose (and it's mostly lose), they always have a good time. A few seasons ago, they made it to the championship game in their Division. The next season, they didn't win a game. Their team demeanor never changed. Well, they won on Sunday, edging The Other Guys, 34-33. The SideLoaders were led by Emilio Alvarez with 17 points. He could have had more but he went 1-6 from the free-throw line.

I'm not sure if I hate to say this or I'm proud to say this. Maybe both. For the second straight week, we have eliminated a team from the League for knuckleheaded behavior. In one case, a guy got mad because of a no-call and threw a punch at an opposing player. He quickly calmed down and later apologized, which is nice, I guess, but he threw a punch. We don't play that. You don't get to throw a punch, (sincerely) apologize, and then keep playing in the League. It doesn't work that way.

This past week, we had a team losing by a sizable margin, a couple guys started running their mouths, and then they used the magic words "I'll see you outside." Those words are magic because they make you disappear. What's really bad is that one of the people who was threatened is in law enforcement. It would not have ended well for the threatener. It didn't end well for their team because they're no longer in the League. We have dozens and dozens of teams that do things the right way--they show up, play their games, then (win or lose) they go home happy. And then every now and then, we get a guy or two who is there for the wrong reason. It is not a test of manhood or a macho measurement. It's a basketball game. 

EARLY WARNING (and I'll keep reminding you in every new Blog entry). Starting with the Fall 2024 season (which begins in September), EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE MATCHING JERSEYS. There will be no exceptions. They don't have to be expensive or fancy, but they must all be the same color and with numbers on the back. If you're planning on playing in the next season, please plan accordingly. Thank you.