More Monster Weeks Coming

June 15th, 2024

After two straight weeks off 44 games per day, we have a respite or setback or bump in the road this week. It's Father's Day and they're having another one of those youth tournaments that run Friday afternoon and evening, ALL DAY AND NIGHT Saturday, and then spills into Sunday. We can't start this week's games until 2:00 and even then, not on all of the courts. And just so there's no surprise, next week's schedule will be similar. But after that, it's one Monster Week after another. Dozens of games each Sunday, with only a handful of byes, often given to teams that ask for them with people being out of town for summer stuff. It's going to be great.

If you take a look at the results, you'll see that we're starting to reach our goal of many games each day being decided by a few points is coming to fruition. At the beginning of each season, we have matchups of new teams against existing teams and we often have some blowouts. Actually, we still have blowouts and we always will (sometimes teams are just way hot or way cold). But this past week, here are some of the scores:

Dawgs 55, Bloodline 53

La Tuza 76, Icy Hots 74

Fleet 70, The Suns 68

Prestige Worldwide 65, Girl Dads 63

And that's just on one court. We also had:

Mustangs #1 55, Soldierz 53

Blue Coconuts 56, Demons 54

AZ Tropics 36, Dad Bods 35

NOVA 75, The Heat 73

Non-Hoopers 58, Royal 3s 55

Now, seriously, if a team that calls itself Non-Hoopers can pull out a nailbiting victory, there's hope for everyone.

Here's an idea I should have had 20 years ago, but the technology back then would have made it difficult. This is for those of you who have won Tucson Basketball League Championship shirts. If you're ever traveling to faraway places and/or exotic locations, take a picture of yourself wearing the TBL shirt and send it to me. We'll start a gallery. A TBL shirt in New York City or Paris or Rome. This would be really cool. Please think about it. Thanks.

Remember, all teams that will be playing in the Fall 2024 season that starts in September must have matching jerseys with numbers. We should have done it years ago, but instead, we're doing it now.