One More Short Week, Then Chaos!

June 19th, 2024

This past week, we had a short schedule due to a weekend youth tournament that spilled over into Sunday. Fortunately, it involved high-school teams and not club sports, which, as we all know is an abomination. There is one more high-school team tournament this coming weekend and then, after that, we will have one ridiculous Sunday after another. Starting June 30th and continuing through to the end of July, we will have well over 200 games as we roar toward the playoffs in August.

This past week, we had several good games, including Ham's 46-44 win over the Cardinals. It was one of those games that, had it been on TV, would have taken 30 minutes to complete the final 20 seconds. There were turnovers and timeouts, missed free throws and a last-second shot that could have won it for the Cardinals.

In games on the East Court, Just a Game outlasted East Side High, 63-60, and Frosty Hesson nipped the Flyers, 52-50, in overtime. In the final game of the night, AZ Knights just got by Aztecas, 71-68.

Here's my weekly reminded that beginning next season (Fall 2024), all teams must have matching jerseys. It's the middle of June. The next season starts in September. That's 2 1/2 months to find something. They don't have to be expensive. They don't have to have your name on the back (although that is cool). They don't have to be reversible. However, if you're thinking about white or black as a color, reversible would be great because there are already a lot of teams that use those colors. We had a playoff game last season where both teams had nice jerseys with numbers. But neither team's jerseys were reversible and both teams were wearing black. It was uncomfortable. to say the least.

After getting rid of a couple disruptive teams, it has been just basketball in the TBL the past few weeks. The League thanks you for your sportsmanship and your opponents thank you, as well.

Last warning: Clean up after yourselves when the game is over. We ain't your mama. Pick up the empty water and Gatorade bottles and recycle them. The people who work at the venue should not have to clean up your mess. Staring this Sunday, teams that leave a mess will be fined $20, payable before their next game. We had a team a couple seasons ago that left a mess and then refused to pay. That was fine. I think they got the message when they went three weeks without being scheduled for a game. And no, I will not keep the money. We will give it to the people who work at the facility.