Icy Hots Hold Off Average Joes

January 22nd, 2024

In one of the best matchups of the season thus far, Icy Hots got a couple big threes from TBL legend Mark Meredith to hold off Average Joes. The Joes were led by Chaz Mack (who, apparently, now wants to be known as Chaz THEE Mack) who had an insane 21 and 21 double-double. Garrett Jackson hit a big three late to seal the win for Icy Hots.

In other action:

--Donte Williams poured in 28 points and grabbed six boards, but it wasn't enough as his Hawgs team fell to Freqz, 56-47. Rob Braun led the way for Freqz with 15 points.

--After falling behind 16-0 to start the game, Buzz Boys mounted a furious comeback against Hickory, but ultimately fell short. Guillermo Bay hit 10 points in Hickory's first four possessions to set the pace. But Buzz Boys settled in and Mark Rodriguez hit 11 of his 17 points to lead the comeback before halftime. Buzz Boys made several runs in the second half, by Hickory was able to hold them off, 45-38. It should be noted that Buzz Boys have these badass uniforms that read "Buzzed Boys" on the jerseys, but we have always had a policy about avoiding team names that feature references to drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate items. That's why we refer to a team called Balls instead of by the term that they would prefer.

--Andrew Arvayo had a double-double (20 and 10) to lead the Dragons to a 67-57 win over the Dawgs.

--Ray Cuestas had 13 and 10 to lead Underdogs to a tight 46-44 win over Girl Dads. Arthur Gibson of the Dads had the bare minimum double-double (10 and 10).

--In the Redmen's 45-38 win over NOVA, Steve Velasco went 7-8 from the free-throw line. In this league, that's a huge deal--first, to shoot that many and then to make that many. That's legendary Oumar Ballo stuff.

We had an interesting situation over the weekend. After Sunday's schedule was posted, I got texts from guys from four different teams that played last season. All four basically said, "Why haven't we been put on the schedule yet this season?" The answer was that none of the teams had put their names on the sign-up sheets that we make available during the playoffs. All four said that they just thought that were automatically in the next season. I guess that's flattering in a way, but now I have to try to find room for them. Always an adventure.