A Rough Couple Weeks, Then Smoother Sailing

January 31st, 2024

We had a guy last week who is one of those people who do not understand why we play the game. And that's what it is--a game. It's not life or death, you're not going to lose any money over it, nobody's going to steal your woman while you're out there playing. Just show up, play the game, and then go home. It's not that hard. The other night, we had a guy who was heated from the jump, wouldn't stop talking, and then exploded after a ref called a foul IN HIS FAVOR! (Apparently, the foul wasn't called quickly or loudly enough.) The player was ejected, but then he said the magic words "I'll see you outside."

Well, the player may certainly go outside, but he will not be coming back inside. As Homie would say, we don't play dat. We will do all that we can to make sure that the vast majority of players and their fans have a safe and enjoyable experience in the gym.

Having said that, I have to mention that the next two weeks are going to be extremely tight in terms of games being played in the League. This is the absolute worst time of the year for our League, as the venue is also hosting club volleyball and a sport that should be played outdoors. While we usually have between 36 and 46 games in a day, this week we will only have 26. Our bye section will have more names on it than a list of people who got jail sentences for the January 6th riot.

And then next week will be the Super Bowl, where my beloved Los Angeles Rams...no wait, they lost. Well, at least we get to see the Detroit Lions...no wait! Anyway, we traditionally have games on Super Bowl Sunday. Some teams want to get a basketball game in early so that they can eat more food and drink more lemonade during the football game. We will have games on multiple courts at 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, and 2:00. (The football games kicks off after 4:30.) If you want to play that day, please let me know quickly. We've already got some of the spots filled. Thanks.