No, This Isn't The Last Week

March 21st, 2024

If this season of the Tucson Basketball League were a Facebook relationship (remember Facebook?), it would be...complicated. We have had fewer court hours per week than in any Winter season that I can remember. And we can't blame Other Tom, who schedules the building. It's his job to get as many people in there as possible and to maximize court usage. Sundays are just plain crazy; we go 12 straight hours on at least one court and sometimes two or three, but we have to scratch and claw for those hours. Adding to the difficulty this year is the fact that Easter. which can fall anywhere between March 24th and April 25 (but is most often in mid-April), falls in March this year. 

So, while in most years, the last Sunday in March would have been the end of the regular season, with the playoffs starting the first Sunday on April, this year will be different. The venue is closed for Easter Sunday, so we will have to finish the regular season on April 7th and start the playoffs on the 14th. And before I start getting the puzzled texts, there will be a couple regular-season games on April 14th just to get in their number of games.

As the season has progressed, we're starting to have more and more close games. That comes from having more data (scores) to help with the setting of match-ups. I was able to ref a really cool game last Sunday. NOVA and Royal 3s put on an incredible show. In the second half, the two teams traded the lead a ridiculous 11 times, with the Royal 3s hanging on for a 75-74 victory.