Basketball Junkies Lose First Game in Two Seasons

February 5th, 2024

The Basketball Junkies, the defending champions in the top division of the Tucson Basketball League, lost their first game in two seasons, dropping a 65-63 verdict to The Vets. The Junkies held a 27-19 lead after a sluggish first half. But then, The Vets exploded for 46 points in the second half to pull out the two-point victory.

In other games, things are rounding into form as we're seeing more close games. In the beginning of a season, we have some mismatches involving new teams and returning teams with retooled rosters. But, as the season progresses, we get better at setting up good match-ups. On Sunday, 17 of the 26 games were decided by 10 points or less, including the aforementioned Junkies-Vets game and a thrilling two-point win by Skoden over Sleeper Squad, and a three-point win by Soul Snatchers over Team Snipe.

As mentioned, we have a very light schedule this week. There was a time in the early days of the Tucson Basketball League, back in the early 1990s, when we would take Super Bowl Sunday off. But then, we started having people ask if they could play on that day so that they could get an early workout in, perchance to partake in larger servings of grub and grog during the televised game. Now, we have a few games with the last one finishing up at 3:00. (Kickoff for the Super Bowl is just after 4:30.)

I have also mentioned that I actually attended the first-ever Super Bowl. The NFL was worried that the relatively small crowd in the Los Angeles Coliseum would look bad on TV. (Also, there was such a small interest in the game that it was televised on both CBS and NBC. These days, a network will pay a staggering sum to televise the game.) So, the L.A. Parks & Rec Department got a bunch of City buses and brought in thousands of kids from ghetto areas (including the one in which I grew up). They put us in the end zone by the Olympic torch. By the second quarter, we were all sitting on the 35-yard line.

And the halftime entertainment for that game: The University of Arizona Marching Band. Over the years, my favorite halftime shows include the hip-hop thing from a couple years ago, Prince killing it in the rain, and Bruno Mars singing and dancing his ass off...and playing every instrument. But that's just me. Enjoy the game and let's hope that Usher brings in Lil Jon and Ludacris for a rousing halftime rendition of "Yeah!" It'll make your bootie go...