Getting Into The New Season

September 7th, 2022

The schedule will be up later today. I'm developing a new algorithm and there was a slight glitch. 


Just a couple quick notes. We missed out on an opportunity last week. We had the entire facility to ourselves. We could have gotten in 35 or 40 games, but everybody was out of town and/or busy, so we only had 13 games. 

We have A LOT of teams. A LOT. Scheduling is going to be tricky, but at least we don't have Mother's Day and Father's Day to take off. There will still be byes, but it won't feel like last season.

My son is a Mad Scientist/Computer Engineer. He hacked the computer that I use to write (I write for a living). I would be writing an article and every 30 minutes or so, the screen goes blank and then a message comes up that reads: LEARN HOW TO SAY NO! I may be getting the message. 

All of the teams that played in the championship games a couple weeks ago will not start until September 18th. The championship shirts won't be ready until the middle of next week and I want to hand them out in an orderly fashion, all on the same day. So, it's easiest for me to just have all of the teams that played in those championship games all start on the 18th. Thanks for understanding. Enjoy the first week of the NFL.

Speaking of the NFL, I don't know if any of you are aware, but my LOS ANGELES RAMS won the Super Bowl last year and are the defending NFL champions. That's the RAMS...the LOS ANGELES RAMS.