Side Loaders Start Fast, Can't Hold On

October 26th, 2022

The Side Loaders, everybody's favorite team in the League, has yet to win a game in two seasons. But they keep showing up and giving it their all. The other day, against Rogue Squad, the Side Loaders jumped out to a 12-4 lead. They were playing some ball. They hit a couple threes, grabbed some tough rebounds, and expanded their lead to 10 points. Rogue Squad came back to tie the game at the half and then went on to pull away in the second half for a 51-37 victory. It was a great effort by both teams.

--An important note: We have a LOT of teams. I'm not complaining; I think it's great. But it does create certain challenges and certain opportunities. Back before the pandemic, Rob and I were talking about just getting rid of certain teams that cry all the damn time. They're not disruptive, per se. They're just unhappy ballplayers. They're downers. I just want you to know that we've already identified three or four teams that will not be allowed back in the League in January. Again, they're not violent or disruptive. They're just not here for the right reasons.

We had games on Sunday with scores of 74-73, 76-74, 62-61, 36-34, and 75-74. In every one of those games, the sportsmanship exhibited by both teams was simply wonderful. Guys helping each other up, opponents chatting away from the ball during free throws, complimenting each other after a good play. That's the way it should be and if I have my way, that's how it's going to be almost all of the time.

--Along those lines, we had a slight issue the other day. One team had one of its players out of town so another team member just brought a guy to fill out the roster for that day. It turns out that the guy who showed up was a knucklehead. Rob had to stop the game and ask the guy to leave. So, don't be bringing in new guys. You and your teammates have paid good money to be in the League. Show your butts up.

--I hardly ever give people technical fouls. I used to do it a little when I was younger. Now I just try to talk to people, see if I can get them to calm down. I remember this one team, it had to be 25 years ago. This one guy would say "Call it both ways" at least once a game. Finally, I couldn't take it any more. I called him a name that suggested that he was intimate with his female parent and then added, "If you say 'Call it both ways' ONE MORE TIME, your entire team is out of the league forever." He said, "Yeah, but I just want you to--"

"Don't finish that sentence!"



I swear I hadn't heard that phrase for 20 years, at least, but there's this one guy on one team in the league right now who uses it. He said it two or three times the first time I reffed his game. After the game, I told him as nicely as possible that I didn't want to hear that again. So, the next time I'm reffing his game, after the FIRST CALL OF THE GAME(!), he says it. Not to get my goat; it's like some moronic basketball Tourette's for him. I teed his butt up and was so happy to have done so. I even feel better having told you the story.

--Some highlights for the week:

--Zach Jones had a double-double (24 and 10) to lead Blue Coconuts to a two-point win over SlimeBallz.

--Deandre Washington had 15 and 15 for the Soul Snatchers against Dry Heat.

--Paul Young hit nine threes and scored 27 points for the Dad Bods.

--Daniel Conorque had 31 points and 10 rebounds to lead Da Wolves to a thrilling 75-74 win over The Vets. DC also hit 5 of 6 free throws, including two with five seconds left to seal the victory.

--Irv Felder had 25 and 11 and was one of five Tigers in double figures in the 102-78 win over Fleet.