This Is Truly Bizarre

October 20th, 2022

Okay, this is weird. You know that old absurdist claim that if you gave a monkey a typewriter, over eternity, it would type out the complete works of Shakespeare? Well, I've been doing this league for 34 years (just shy of infinity) and I've never seen anything like what happened last Sunday. In a six-game stretch on Skippy's Court (CTG), we had five games in which the winning team scored exactly 71 points. In the first two games in that stretch, the final score was 71-70. Later in that six-game stretch. two of the losing teams had 67 points. The odds against that are astronomical.    

We have an odd situation. We're actually getting through the season faster than usual. Because there has been little or no club volleyball activity, we've been able to get in a lot of games with a limited number of byes. However, we're going into November soon and the club volleyball bite is going to hit. (There is actually some pre-club activity this week, so we're on a somewhat-curtailed schedule.) We will have fewer court/hours available and the number of byes is going to increase. Even so, we still might be done with the regular season a week early. Normally, we would just take that extra week off. Instead of having the championship games on December 18th (and then taking the 25th and January 1st off before starting again on January 8th), we would also take the 18th off. However, that would mean starting the playoffs on November 27th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

We usually take that Sunday off because players are out of town (or hosting visitors) for the holiday. It would suck to get to the playoffs and not have a full team.

Rob has suggested having an All-Star Game or two (on different levels). It sounds like it could be fun.

We may just take off the Sunday that is the first day of club volleyball. It's an absolute nightmare in the venue with Power Point presentations, antsy kids, and lots and lots of parents with unrealistic expectations. (It should come as no surprise that I HATE all club sports at all levels with no exceptions.) That way, we could stay on the normal schedule. Rob and I will have to talk it over and see what we can come up with. We'll let you know as soon as we know. Thanks.

 Here are some of the highlights from last Sunday:

--Casey Dike hit six three-pointers and had 34 points for The Hurricanes (Ignite) in their win over Side Loaders.

--Michael Dickerson had 20 points and eight rebounds to lead Elite to a win over last season A League champions, the Basketball Junkies.

--Nico Hughes had 37 points for Los Jefes in a win over The Bandits.

--Dry Heat got a big win over Frosty Hesson, led by Rylan Foster who had 31 points on nine threes.

--Joquan Robinson had 30 points for STRAPS, but it wasn't quite enough as his squad fell, 67-63 to Looney Goons. Damu Musgrove led the winners with 25 points.

--Donte Williams scored 34 points to lead The Hawgs over the team that eliminated them from the playoffs last season, The Vets. Donte went 10-10 from the line.

--Zimri Clark had a double-double (28 and 13) for The Mambas.

--Magic Galindo, usually known for his ball-handling and passing, had 30 points for The Heat.